Offering specialty products of uncompromising quality with intensely personalized service is a hallmark of The East Indies Coffee Company.

For more than 45 years we have traveled throughout the world to deliver the finest teas, coffees, and other products to our customers.

Our passion for great tasting coffees enhances our desire to offer the finest specialty coffees from the top growing regions worldwide. Each coffee is skillfully roasted in small batches to ensure peak quality and freshness. We provide the most consistent, flavorful imported coffees available.

We are committed to on-time deliveries, comprehensive inventories, custom blending, and the fastest possible service from a domestic source. Our substantial inventories in the United States help minimize shipment delays due to tie-ups with customs or other hurdles that can disrupt the flow of business.

Meeting our customer needs in all we do is our focus. To this end, we firmly stand behind our quality products; and we feel that they are, beyond doubt, the best the world has to offer!