Message on Coronavirus


When Walter and I started East Indies Coffee and Tea Company in Lebanon, PA, we thought we had seen it all especially after having a business in a major American city and then moving rural southeastern Pennsylvania. However, after the last few weeks, I realized that this is one situation we never encountered.
A few facts we want to share with you, our most valued customers –
• First and foremost, please be assured that our products are safe. Our HACCP and GMP certifications prove the safety of our products and sanitation of our facility. We are taking extra precautions to further our attentiveness to sanitation details.
• Second, we have completely encouraged our associates to rigorously monitor their personal sanitation. They have been highly encouraged not to come to work if any unwell symptoms are experienced. Documents have been signed proving their willingness to participate in this action.
The coffee and tea industry will undoubtedly feel the complications from this situation! This being said, there may be unforeseen circumstances such as increased time required for processing and shipping orders to backordered products. Please know that we will do everything in our power to assure you, our valued customer, the quality customer care you have experienced heretofore.
We continue to monitor and educate ourselves with the most current and up-to-date information. We encourage you to be in contact with us via phone or email.
Our goal is to provide as accurate information as possible!
….from our East Indies Coffee and Tea family to each of you, take good good care of yourselves and be well.

Warmest regards,
Mim Enck